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Cleaning Requirements for Janitorial/Light Maintenance 

Daily Services (Six days per week):

Public Restrooms (3) and Staff Restrooms (2)

• Clean and sanitize all fixtures

• Clean all mirrors

• Empty Trash Containers and insert new liners

• Spot Clean walls, doors, and partitions

• Sweep, damp mop, and sanitize tile floors

• Refill, when low, soap and paper dispensers

• Make sure soap dispensers in staff and children’s are working

General Areas (tasks common to whole library)

• Tables and counters cleaned daily

• Spot clean entrance lobby glass

• Spot clean spills and stains

• Spot clean walls and stairs

• Empty wastebaskets and outside trash cans. Outside trash cans are at both exits, the one outside the emergency exit from the Children’s department and the one outside the lobby.

• Vacuum and/or damp mop heavy traffic areas (that’s the stretch from the entrance way over to the computer lab

• Sweep front entryway

• Ensure all outside entrances are locked and building is secure

• Ensure that doors to children offices, Neverland, and kitchen upstairs are closed each day.

• Clean water fountains 

• Clean kitchens

• Clean/Vacuum/Mop floors that are not cleaned daily (e.g. concrete storage area, bookmobile area, bookmobile garage, meeting rooms)

• Clean lobby windows below exit sign inside and out.

General Areas (tasks common to whole library con't)


Staff Areas and kitchens

• Sanitize staff phones (3) at front desk

• Sanitize mice and keyboards at front desk Weekly Services

• Acrylic “sneeze guards” cleaned with a mild solution of dish soap and water

• Dust all furniture, including desks, filing cabinets.

• Dust tops of bookstacks and all exposed shelves and counters.

• Dust and damp mop all tile floors and damp wipe plastic or leather.


• Ensure all outside entrances are locked and building is secure

•Cleaning cigarette butts and other trash from parking lot areas adjacent to the building

• Cleaning cigarette butts and other trash from patio outside of children's

• Remove debris from parking lot

Monthly Services

• Dust window blinds

• Remove dust and cobwebs from all areas As Needed

• Maintain supply inventory and notify Business Manager when ordering is required

• Let business manager know if there are areas that need other maintenance.


• Vacuum offices • Empty trash cans


Neverland and Meeting Room

• Sweep daily

• Damp Mop daily

Computer Lab

• Sanitize Keyboards and Mice Daily

Children’s Department

• Sanitize Keyboards and Mice

Staff Restrooms

• Clean and sanitize all fixtures in employee restrooms

• Sweep and damp mop floors

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